November 13th, 2017

Winter Stars

I was up at 2.00 and could see stars through the window- and a hollowed out moon low down in the sky like a child's painting of a boat. We haven't had many clear skies this winter so I threw a coat over my pyjamas and went out onto the front lawn to take a better look. Orion was striding south with Sirius below him down among the trees; I saw a meteor shoot across his lower body. The Pleiades were high overhead- so tiny in their sphere of pale light,  so needle sharp; they make me think of the insides of a watch. 

Aw, So Cute....

My daughter took the family to the gym. She left my son-law in charge of the kids while she went into the sauna.

2 year old grand-daughter: "Where's mummy gone?"

5 year old grand-daughter: "In the cooker. She's gonna die and you'll never ever see her again."