November 10th, 2017

Silly Old People

Silly old people! You should know you're not going to win. The young you mock at for being snowflakes are going to bury you- and serve you right. Have you forgotten your own youth and how the old people groused at you and your culture and ideas- and how you laughed at them? And here you are making the same sort of idiots of yourselves. The young will always have the upper hand. Your children know more than you do and your grandchildren know more than your children.

To Be A Little More Specific...

 I understand that everyone over a certain age has been complicit in the culture of sexual harassment and it's only human to want to minimise one's guilt but I'd like to say to all my contemporaries who are arguing that it wasn't so bad really and the kids should grow a backbone that what they're doing is defending evil and a time will come when what they're saying will seem as grotesque as we find the arguments that were once advanced in defence of slavery.