November 6th, 2017

Blue Planet II

 My favourite thing from the second episode of David Attenborough's Blue Planet II is the fish with the transparent skull which can see through the top of its head. And my second favourite is the snail fish living in the Mariana Trench- under more pressure than the scientists thought any complicated life form would be able to cope with- which looks like it's made of ectoplasm. 

There came a point-  as one seemingly impossible thing succeeded another- where I found myself thinking, "No, I can't take all this in, it can't be true, I refuse to have my mind stretched to this extent..." 

Here We Go Again

We learn that the Queen keeps millions in off-shore accounts- and knows nothing about it.  Quite so. The person at the top never does know about such things. It's always the advisers, courtiers, agents who make the mistakes....

When Charles II was lampooned as a king "who never said a foolish thing/ and never did a wise one" He replied, "But of course, my  actions are my ministers' but my sayings are my own."