October 31st, 2017

Straws In The Wind

Kevin Spacey. Ho-hum. Apparently it was common knowledge in the business. And now the information has seeped out into the wider world they're rescinding his awards and cancelling his show. It's not pleasant to watch.

None of it is...

Rose McGowan who made the splash that caused the wave has been served with a warrant relating to some low level drugs offence. Hard not to believe that this isn't somebody's petty act of revenge.

A season of Roman Polanski movies is drawing protestors in Paris. How is it possible that Polanski- who is a child rapist- should have had the career he has? Is the charmed life finally coming to an end? It should. 

Thanks to Guido Fawkes we know that Conservative party workers have been circulating a list of the MPs it's not safe for junior men and women to be around. There are 36 names on it.  Most are still being kept from us but every time the list's reprinted it's ever so slightly less redacted. The biggest name we've been allowed to find out about is Michael Fallon, the defence secretary. If government were as keen to clean up the culture as it says it is every one of those names would now be public and most of them would be facing the sack. The thought of all those ageing, boozed up rich boys carrying on like their power makes them sexually irresistible is horribly depressing. I hate the Palace of Westminster with its horror movie architecture and its corridors smelling of flatulence. It's an evil place. 

Light is being let in on all our institutions. The BBC sacked a sports commentator. The Labour party has withdrawn the whip from a rising star with a history of making misogynist and homophobic tweets.

But let's be as cheerful about this as we can. The bullies are learning to fear their victims, their peers are becoming less complaisant. The old order is fighting back, but feebly. Cultural change is underway. Please God, it'll prove unstoppable.