October 6th, 2017

Idle Chatter

 My mother has several regular carers. We know most of them well enough to be on first name terms. Today's carer is Amanda. She turned down my offer of coffee because she'd just had one with a client, plus the first mince pie of the year. I said I hated to be thinking about Christmas this early. She asked if we'd been doing anything exciting and I said our life runs to a routine and she said hers did too which was how she liked it. My mother, all this while, was very slowly finishing off a cup of tea. Amanda said it was an art to make a cup of tea last so long and I said it was one my mother had been perfecting for 96 years. Amanda was surprised she was so old and said a 97 year-old client of hers had just gone into a "home" and that made my mother the oldest of her ladies. "We're living longer," I said. And then my mother finished her drink and we called the stair lift down...

Bits And Pieces

I began a couple of political posts but abandoned them both because what do I know about these people and events that isn't second or third hand? 

It's been a sunny day, but the air is cold. This morning it even smelled cold- as if it had blown in over an ice field.

I learned to fix myself egg and chips when I was 18 and living in digs in Sheffield. These days we have a low fat frier. You cut up your potatoes, soak them in cold water for 20 minutes, dry them, sprinkle with oil and cook in the machine for another 20 minutes. The resulting chips are as good as any I've ever eaten at home or elsewhere.