October 4th, 2017


 Ailz is tired, I'm tired. We were talking to Julia and she's tired and Matthew, she says, is so tired he took two days off work- which is uncharacteristic. We agreed that it's all down to the change in the weather.

Theresa May's Conference Speech

A prankster interrupts the speech, a letter falls out of the slogan on the wall behind the podium, she loses her voice.

How many omens does it take?

A person on a rising curve doesn't draw mishaps like these.

The Sea Gives Up Its Dead

 Archaeologists working on the Antikythera shipwreck- which- over the past century- has yielded all sorts of treasures including bronze statues and  an ancient Greek computer- say they have detected at least seven and perhaps as many as nine more statues on the seabed. Classical bronzes are extraordinarily rare...