September 9th, 2017

Visitors From Another World

Two of my mother's old racing pals came to visit yesterday- which was decent of them. The conversation was mostly about horses and dogs- not subjects on which I shine. My contribution was limited to piping up with- "We've got horses in our fields now"- and helping my sister with the catering. They are both convinced Brexiteers- one of them- who we'll call A- as a matter of the heart, the other-B- with arguments at her command. They hunt of course- and were deploring the passing of a large Sussex estate where hunts were once encouraged into the hands of a new owner who refuses even to correspond with the local MFH. "Who is he?" I asked. They didn't know. B pulled a face and said,"A businessman." A said he would regret slighting his neighbours- because farmers need one another's support. "He probably lives somewhere else," I said. B concurred. "He'll have bought it as an investment". "I suppose so," said A, "But I find that so hard to imagine."