August 24th, 2017

Mystery Objects

I found these in the cutlery drawer and think they're winkle-pickers- meaning utensils for eating winkles and other shellfish. This is only a guess. Perhaps you know better....


We were going down a road called Waggon Lane- wide enough to allow the passage of Constable's Hay Wain and God help you if there was another wain coming in the opposite direction- and something went bang on the roof. Then another thing went bang on the windscreen and this time we saw what it was: we were being bombarded with acorns.

Is my memory adrift or is autumn coming very early this year? I mean it's still August and acorns are falling and chestnut leaves are turning all brown and crinkly and the hedges are full of blackberries. I've been putting off picking apples because of the date but I reckon they're just about ready.