June 26th, 2017


Julia says the gypsies hold that a healthy horse won't touch ragwort- and if you have one that does it's because there's something wrong with it and it's using the ragwort as a suicide pill. I suppose that's why Chris is philosophical to the point of not being in the least bit bothered about the ragwort in our fields.

Even so I don't want to have his horses on my conscience or lie awake at night worrying about them and I've decided I'm going to do some extreme weeding. I made a start this morning; setting out with my straw hat and my sickle and my wicker basket like one of Van Gogh's noble peasants. In a way I regret the need; ragwort in full flower is glorious and smells glorious too. I remember reading about a farmer who has been bundling it up and selling it at the roadside as "country gold"- and why not?