April 16th, 2017

Herd Dynamics

Chris, the man with the horses, has removed the two pregnant mares from our fields and replaced them with a spotty, high-stepping Appaloosa stallion- who looks like he came off a fairground carousel- the idea being to get the other three mares in foal. The social dynamics of the herd have changed accordingly. What used to be a girl gang- kept in order with flashes of the good old ultraviolence by pushy, half-tame Bobby- is now a dopey fan club. The funny little stallion trots about looking like he knows how pretty he is- and the mares- sturdy, shaggy little ponies that they are- plod after him adoringly. Chris says the stallion's name is Spot, but I'm having none of that. So long as he's living here his name will be Justin (as in Bieber).