March 28th, 2017



I've been looking for this for years. It's Peter Bellamy's setting of Kipling's Great War poem "Gethsemane". Bellamy included it on the album "Mr Kipling Wrote Exceedingly Good Songs" which- at the time of writing- is unobtainable in any form. Here it's sung by Andrew King in a version taken from his Album The Amfortas Wound.


"And Besides The Wench Is Dead..."

And the reason why I don't want to tell people what I used to do for a living?

It's because they're likely to want me to explain myself further. If you say, "I used to be a bank manager" or "I used to be a supermarket cashier" the conversation ends there. Those things don't need further unpacking. But if you say "I used to be a priest..."

When pressed further I used to say "I lost my faith." But that was a bit of an evasion. If I were to answer now I might say "I needed room to breathe".

Beyond that it gets complicated and- besides- all this stuff is so old...