March 18th, 2017


A War Movie A Little Muddled

I dreamed I was parachuting into occupied France on a secret mission or- possibly- escaping from Colditz Castle. Either way I was faced with making a daring descent from somewhere very high up. Having worried myself sick about this I jumped forward in time and found myself in Paris, dodging Austrian troops with the help of my contacts in the Resistance. I knew that I would be safe- or at least safer- if I could manage to make my way south to Bourges...

6 Jobs George

My sis asked me if I'd blogged anything about George Osborne and his 6th job and I said, "No, because I've nothing to add to what everyone else is saying." She thinks he may be planning to use the Evening Standard as a gun platform in the war against Brexit and I think he's just being greedy- but what do either of us really know about the man and his motivation?

I have to say he puzzles me- not so much in himself as in his ability to command the political heights. I don't see evidence of either charm or talent- so what do employers see in him that makes them go, "Ooh, I've got to have some of that!" ?