February 27th, 2017


Memory Lapse

I did it again.

Stuck the hose in the horses's water butt, walked away and thought about other things for a hour or so. I haven't been keeping tally but I think that's probably the fifth or sixth time.

It's only the field that gets flooded but even so I hate it that I'm wasting water...

A Hunch Confirmed

On the 6th of this month I posted a couple of pictures that seemed to relate to my father's wartime work with a RN bomb disposal unit. They show a bunch of sailors standing round a large hole in what I assume to be Romney Marsh (because that's where I know he was stationed) and the very big bomb that  came out of it.  Today I unearthed this...

It clearly belongs in the same sequence- and that's definitely my father in the centre in the naval officer's cap.

Here's what's stamped on the back...