February 20th, 2017


Look On My Works, Ye Mighty...

Investigations continue into whether former British PM Edward Heath was a paedophile.

I was explaining this to my mother and then wondered if she remembered who Ted Heath was.

And then wondered whether I remembered who Ted Heath was. I mean, really remembered.

Wasn't he the one who signed the Maestricht Agreement?  Or was he the one who wanted to sign it but got thwarted by the French? And what does any of it matter anyway after half a century?

He was an amateur musician and yachtsman who got to conduct vanity concerts and write vanity books about seamanship because of having once held office. He hung around the Commons, sulking about his vanished power and influence- like Jason haunting the beached wreck of the Argo. Eventually the figurehead fell off and biffed him on the head and that was that.  No-one ever mistook him for a likeable man.

On a day to day basis we act and react as if our politicians matter terribly when the truth is most of them matter very little- and are soon gone and forgotten, leaving a legacy of dust bunnies and little scrumpled bits of paper.