February 17th, 2017



The body has its own wisdom. Yesterday it got enthused about spring greens, today it likes the idea of broccoli...

Giving Harry, Hermione and Ron Their Due

Mean spirited piece in the Mail this morning by Jan Moir excoriating the three Harry Potter kids for their "tragic empty lives". I can see why a Mail journalist might object to Emma Watson's feminist campaigning- though it seems like a pretty good use of her power and profile to me - but I can't think what the other two have ever done to upset her. She's sparing with the truth too, acknowledging that Watson "isn't exactly washed up" while failing to note she's about to open in Disney's blockbuster Beauty and the Beast- and painting Radcliffe as a sad drunk when that was a phase he went through when he was still making the Potter films.  Personally I've always admired how level-headed all three of them have proved in negotiating their later careers, refining their craft, choosing roles well, not making arses of themselves and gaining respect across the board. Grint has put together a solid CV, Radcliffe an impressive one on both screen and stage while Watson could be on the verge of adult super-stardom.