February 16th, 2017


Feeling Rather Better, Thank You

Ailz says my immune system must be shot to bits because I can't get the silliest little cold without becoming feverish. I thought cold and fevers went together like peaches and cream but perhaps not. Yesterday passed in a haze of botherment and discomfort but today I am nibbling toast.

Fever Is Cool

Being in a fever shakes things up a bit. It's as if bricks fall out of the wall you've built around yourself.

I imagined my grandfather standing over by the bedroom window. He was wearing a very stylish, caped overcoat.

I woke up out of a pleasant dream into a moment of something like pure happiness, knowing that Love is all there is and I love everybody and everything.

Ailz was cooking spring greens for lunch and it hit me that was nothing I would rather be eating...