February 12th, 2017


Very February

The weather is very February. Yesterday we had snow- not a lot- but the stuff that fell in the morning was dry enough and gritty enough to settle. Later the temperature rose and the snow arrived already half liquidised and dissolved on impact. Today is damp and grey.

We were are Mike and Su's yesterday- and Alice and Mab and the kids were there too. That's approximately two thirds of my family. It was good. Mike and Su had made some deliciously herby things for lunch. Ivy wants to sing and dance and be watched while she does it and Clover wants to cling to her mother.

The other  third- meaning Joe and Victoria and Aria- are having to move house. They don't want to but their lease is expiring. They have their eye on a house in the village up the road.  It's a liminal area they've chosen to live in- with greater Manchester to the south and wild Lancashire to the north. I like to think of my granddaughter growing up there.

Something was scrabbling about in the eaves and I went out to see if I could identify it. No luck. It must have seen me. I stood still for a while and listened and I could hear many more birds than I could see- all sorts of lyrical fragments and clicks and whistles.

Kirk Tells It Like It is

Here's a story Kirk Douglas likes to tell. It featured in the Observer this morning but I've come across it before and the ultimate source is probably Kirk's autobiography. Anway, I'm taking the liberty of putting it in my own words.

Kirk has invited his mate John Wayne to the premiere of Lust for Life- the bio-pic in which Kirk plays Van Gogh and  Wayne comes up to him afterwards, visibly upset and says, "How could you do it? There are so few of us real men left. You should be setting an example, not playing miserable little queers."

And Kirk replies, "You do understand it's all dressing up and make-believe, don't you- this business we're in? I mean, you're not really John Wayne."