January 29th, 2017



I dream that my father is being horrid to me because I've thrown away a tin with a chocolate biscuit in it- and I run away from home to live in Hove with my grandparents.

That pays me back for all the chucking out of my parents' things I did yesterday.

Apparently It's Mad- If Not Downright Illegal- To Refuse Medical Attention.

My mother-in-law had a fall and called for assistance. An ambulance arrived and the paramedics checked her over and said she needed to go into hospital. She said, " I'm 87 and quite happy to die. You can't do anything more for me than you've already done so stop messing me about." They said, " If you won't come with us we'll have to declare you temporarily insane".  She still refused to go with them so they called for back-up- including a policeman. After which she went quietly.

They did some tests at the hospital, kept her hanging around, then sent her home.

I understand the paramedics had to cover their backs but even so...

Trump Talk

The problem with Obama was he stood for one thing but routinely did something else. This confused people. Lots of them went on believing in him as an icon of liberalism in spite of all evidence to the contrary. One of the good things about Trump is there's no disassociation between what he represents and what he does. We all know where we stand with him- for or against. There are no grey areas, no mixed messages.

"If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound who shall prepare himself to the battle," says St Paul. Obama was that kind of trumpet. Hillary would have been such another. No uncertainty about Trump. Tan-tan-tara. And just as he's mustered his own troops so he's envigorated ours.

And look, no leaders. This is a people's movement. Somebody who's nobody in particular put it on FB or Twitter that women should march- and they did.

Eight years of Obama left me wondering whether I was still a liberal. After all, liberals seemed to be people who schmoozed with bankers and killed innocents with drones. A few days of Trump have made me happy to dig the badge out of the drawer and stick it back in my shirtfront.