January 27th, 2017



I saw a couple of redwings yesterday, hopping around at the edge of the lawn, turning over leaves to see what was underneath. They're not great rarities- I suppose- but rare enough that I had to get the bird book down to look them up.

Chris brought more hay for his horses. This morning there was a rabbit- a black rabbit as it happens- helping them to eat it. Do black rabbits occur in nature- or is this the descendant of some escapee from a hutch?

We Feel That We Are Greater Than We Know.

One of Dolores Cannon's clients- channeling his higher self or spirit guide- says," We are the tip of our own icebergs".  He also says, " Each of you, at this point in your lives, are simply facets of your true entire self. You are pinpoints of awareness. Your total awareness is far beyond anything you could encompass or imagine at your level. Your awareness... is simply a drawn-out or focused pinpoint of that total spiritual awareness."

The Hoppers' Memorial, Hadlow

On the 20th October 1853 a waggon was taking a party of hop-pickers back to their camp in Golden Green, Kent when it came to grief on the badly maintained wooden bridge over the river Medway at Hartlake and tipped them all into the water.  The river was in flood.  11 made it to the banks. 30 drowned.

The victims were Romanys, many from one extended family, some from Ireland.  All were buried in a mass grave in the churchyard at Hadlow, at the expense of the parish, near the farm where they'd been working. The youngest- a two year old girl- is listed on the monument as "baby girl"  because the only people who knew her name died with her.