January 26th, 2017


Small Brown Birds

Looked out the window first thing and there was a crowd of small brown birds around the feeder on the front lawn. I fetched my glasses and sorted them into robins and others. There were two robins- not often that you see more than one at a time- and at least some of the others were sparrows. We had a panic a few years back about sparrows disappearing- and then for a while it was a red-letter day if you spotted one- but they do now seem to be picking up numbers again.


Ailz is doing a friend's accounts- and this friend has the habit of folding every piece of paper- from bank statement to silly little receipt- before filing it- and so before the real work begins all these papers- some of them folded several times- need to be unfolded- and that's a remarkably unpleasant job. I've just spent five to ten minutes helping out and my fingertips are dry and beginning to feel sore- and if I were to continue to for any length of time the skin would crack.