January 25th, 2017



According to my dream if you hold a big book out in front of you- flat and at right angles to your body- it will float in the air- and if you rest your forearms on it and press down you can float with it- as on a raft.

Memories Of Lost Atlantis

That floating dream almost certainly came from reading- in Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe- about the Atlanteans- and how they were able to levitate enormous stones in order to build their pyramids- and then passed the skill on to the Egyptians and whatever culture it was that built the extraordinary megalithic structures of Central and South America. They levitated their own bodies too- and if they wanted to take something with them on their flights all they had to do was  sit on a rug, with the gear piled up round them, then levitate the whole lot- and it's from this we get the fairytale idea of the magic carpet...

Another thing the Atlanteans mastered was genetic engineering. They got so they could create human-animal hybrids- minotaurs, fauns, centaurs...

Shut Up And Get On With It

Brexit: I reckon it's just a scam whereby men in suits get to earn huge sums of money for faffing around in committee rooms and skulking in corridors for several years. Not to forget the huge restaurant meals.

No, I don't really. It's just that I'm so tired of it now. Is it really so very important that all our national energy has to go on gabbing about it, day after day after day?

Just do it- or don't do it. Stop obsessing. No-one really knows the consequences. there are so many variables. So many unknown unknowns.

Particularly I'm tired of my mother poring over the Daily Telegraph at the breakfast table and surfacing at regular intervals to ask what Brexit means.

"And is it a good thing?" she asks.


I'd rather talk about almost anything else. Magic carpets for instance...