January 12th, 2017


Fancy Remembering That

I dreamed I was in a class that was learning about the Duke of Marlborough. The lecturer ran out of things to say and the silence was embarrassing us all so I piped up and said, "40 years ago the BBC aired a drama series abut the Duke starring John Neville and Susan Hampshire." The odd thing is I was quite right.

In my experience it's unusual to be able to access one's memory banks in a dream and come up with that sort of accurate information- complete with names and approximate dates.

The series was called The First Churchills. It aired in 1969 and was the first programme to feature on Masterpiece Theatre- PBS' long-running showcase for British costume drama.


I looked out the window and the field seemed to be empty. I looked harder and spotted a solitary horse- blending into its background but betrayed by its bulk. I looked even harder and saw that in fact all six of them were there, standing together against the hedge.

You'd not think a big thing like a horse could make itself invisible but place its black coat with flashes of white against a gappy hedge and it becomes remarkably difficult to see.


There are good reasons for not wanting to see Donald Trump become POTUS and there are bad reasons. One of the bad reasons is snobbery. Trump is just so vulgar- "such a coarse soul" as one of my teachers once said about Kipling- so decidedly not "one of us".

Another bad reason is fear of change. Trump hasn't and won't play by the rulebook. He threatens to upset the smooth running of things. He's going to jump into the sluggishly-moving, lumpy stream of effluent that is national and international politics and splash about. It could embarrass and annoy a lot of people who aren't used to having their beauty sleep disturbed.

So Trump approaches his inauguration with the political establishment (both parties) against him, the cultural elite against him, the media against him, the security agencies against him and most foreign leaders against him.  Bush Jnr wasn't much loved either, but has any president entered office with so many powerful enemies?

Expect ugliness.

And here comes some, right on cue....

All this TMI about prostitutes pissing on one another or pissing on Trump or having Trump piss on them in a Moscow hotel room is probably made up. I'm sure Trump has some pretty gross things on his CV but doubt this is one of them. As with all the stuff about Russians hacking Clinton's computer we need to remember where its coming from. It's coming from the spooks- that is to say from people whose entire raison d'etre is subterfuge, misinformation, dirty tricks etc...

Trump isn't handling the pressure very well. Or is he? That rough-edged, bad-tempered press conference is what we've come to expect from him- and being rough-edged and bad-tempered hasn't harmed him thus far. In fact rather the opposite. The media and elite don't yet seem to have understood how sick, sick, sick  the common people (the unwashed, the not particularly articulate, the deplorables) have become of well-groomed, political smoothies who "smile as they kill".