January 5th, 2017


Going Through Cupboards

My mother took pottery classes in the 90s. She kept at it for several seasons and became quite skilful; so skilful she could have worked professionally if she'd wanted to.  Her better, later pieces- mainly animal figurines- are on display but I think she kept everything she ever made. The cupboard I've started sorting through has some of the earlier, clumsier efforts...

In the same cupboard is a small bag of wheat. Ailz bought it to stuff a cushion- and never followed through. I propose taking it down to the field and broadcasting it. If it grows it grows and that'll be nice and if it doesn't something will eat it- and that'll be nice too.

Statement Of Principle

Cupboards are for storing things you're not using at the moment but fully intend to. They're not for storing ornaments. There are only two possible places for ornaments- on show or down the charity shop.