Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

It Continues

Ailz thinks K may have been watching the house. How else did she know to ring when she did- just after we got back from the hospital?

Ha, we have a stalker!

The first time she rang Joe picked up. He told her Ailz was out (and if she was watching she'd have known it was a lie.) The second time I picked up. And was taken off guard by the flood of apologies. I was expecting recriminations, self-justification- not this.

I forget the exact wording, but she was begging to be taken back.

I blocked her questions. I didn't give encouragement. But neither did I tell her to get lost.

I should have done, I should have done.

"I'll ring again in a couple of days," she said. "Maybe Aileen will be able to talk to me then."

She has convinced herself that Ailz is having a funny turn and will come to her senses and be her friend again.

I had no idea she was so attached......
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