November 17th, 2016


Nothing Doing...

Meanwhile, here in Britain, government seems to be running on autopilot. When she first came in Theresa May was all about dissing David Cameron and George Osborne and smashing their legacy, but now she's carrying on where they left off, waving through their projects- HSR2, Hinkley Point etc- because, I suppose, she can't stand the pressure from the people who hope to profit from them.  As for Brexit, there's no plan and the ruling class is as fractured as it ever was. This is disappointing. On the other hand- bearing in mind the political drama unfolding elsewhere- it may not be such a bad thing.

Struggling To Keep Up

I've been saying for a while now that our politics were busted and I expected a revolution- and now it's upon us- and I'm not sure I understand what's going on but I intend to try.

I was expecting a revolution of the left- because that's where revolutions usually come from- but this is a revolution of the right- if that's the proper word for it- which I doubt. Perhaps we should go with what the revolutionaries call themselves and say "alt-right". Anyway, I've just been watching a young guy from Breitbart being interviewed on Channel 4 News- and he was nervy and clever and Jewish and gay- with white streaks in his black hair- and not like any rightist I've seen before. Also he had so much energy...