May 31st, 2016


Unjustly Neglected

I dreamed I was sitting on a committee- chaired by her Majesty the Queen- to draw up a list of the most unjustly neglected writers in the English language.

The list we produced was topped by someone called Hand. 

Carp Fishing In The UK

Do you know how many glossy magazines devoted to carp fishing are published in the UK?

The answer is at least six. I was in a queue at the post office this morning and I counted them.

They have titles like Carp Fishing Monthly and Total Carp and all have covers showing a grinning man holding an enormous fish. Perhaps it's the same fish. Perhaps they pass it around.

Name an interest or hobby- and it'll have a glassy magazine devoted to it. If its a popular thing- like genealogy or rock music or even tattoos- there'll be a whole raft of different magazines.

Who buys them all? How do magazines manage to flourish in an era when newspapers are closing? How many carp fishermen are there in Paddock Wood?