April 3rd, 2016


Ice Cream

Today I am making ice cream.

It's not a first; we have owned an ice cream maker before but such a long time ago it might as well be. I've looked at recipes but  they're all very different so I've concluded you can please yourself. Basically you take milk and cream in whatever proportions you fancy, add sugar and flavourings (eggs if you want a softie) and let her rip.

The paddle is turning as I write- with a clickety- clickety- click...

I'll report back later on the result.  

Only Rock And Roll

I like the Stones well enough but  when Keith Richards complains about Adele being too show-biz I wonder what he thinks he's been doing for the last fifty years. The Stones have only ever sold the one unchanging product and are now as venerable and unchallenging as Bruce Forsyth.  If a Stone's concert isn't show biz what on earth does he think it is?