January 3rd, 2016


The House Of Arden: E Nesbit

Time travel into the English past, a brother and sister who fight just like real kids do, an endearing bad-tempered magical creature- the Mouldiwarp- who speaks in a broad Sussex accent, a witch who is sorely misunderstood but beneficent, a narrative that jogs along from adventure to adventure in a manner that strongly suggests Nesbit is making it up as she goes along...

It has a sequel- Harding's Luck- and that's what I'm going to read next.


Internet connection intermittent.

Landlines not functioning.

It's probably all down to the weather which is heavy and damp and grey.

Watched Sherlock last night: It's basically Dr Who with a different cast. We're even time-travelling now. Moffat confuses complexity with profundity. No-one in his shows is a recognisable human being or acts in plausibly human ways.

My mother has lost the ability to undo her bra. This morning she asked us what had happened to Lady Di...

Oh, Jolly....

We have fieldfares in the garden. Six at least. No, more- a flock. One of them found a puddle to bathe in and others joined in. It chased the first interloper off- "This is my bath water" but then it was outnumbered. A couple of starlings saw what was going on and joined in too.

Yesterday there were goldfinches.