Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Day At Camber Sands

The Camber Sands Caravan Park sits at the edge of Romney Marsh- the area of reclaimed wetland that covers 100 square miles of Kent and East Sussex. It's so flat. I walked to the back fence of the site and took this shot.

Odi's kids are urban kids. "What's that buzzing noise?" asked Miguel. "It sounds like when you go to have your hair cut and they use that thing- what's it called- an electic razor."

And I said. "It's the wind blowing the leaves."

There was a swan on a dyke. This was exciting. "Is it true," asked Miguel" that if I killed it I'd go to prison because it belongs to the Queen?"

"Pretty much." I said. "The Queen owns all the swans."

"Even in Africa?"

"No, not in Africa."

I walked down to the dyke through the nettles- the boys didn't follow because their legs were bare- and found a ball floating on the water. I retrieved it. Miguel reckoned I must have known about it in advance.

Because grandparents are supernatural beings, don'tcha know.

In the afternoon we went down to the beach and the kids sat in the surf- which was considerable- and yelled.

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