December 22nd, 2015


The Old Home

When we first moved down here to look after my mother there was no question but that we'd retain the house in Oldham. It was our home- and sooner or later we'd be moving back. But as we stayed on and stayed on so our centre of gravity shifted- and Kent became our home and Oldham somewhere we visited. We knew several of the neighbours were keen to buy the old house- and so we offered it to the one we knew best.

The sale was supposed to be quick, the end it took a year and a half. We trusted Sam to follow through so we allowed her to start redecorating and then- when that was done- move a tenant in. Ailz's mother thought we were mad and Sam would shaft us- but it all worked out in the end.

I'd owned the house for a little over 29 years- and planned to die in it. Ah well...

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