December 4th, 2015


Victorian Pillar Box

Not many of these left now.

This handsome example is in the grounds of Chiddingstone Castle, Kent.

Fact: the pillar box was introduced into Britain by Post Office official (and part-time novelist) Anthony Trollope.


Children's Banner

This banner would have been carried in procession (perhaps still is) by the children of St Mary's, Chiddingstone. The little boy has long hair and is wearing a kind of Christopher Robin outfit of belted jacket and shorts which (I reckon) dates him to the 1920s.


And How Are You Feeling This Morning?

Why do people feel they have to adopt a false-hearty, jollying-along tone of voice when they're talking to the very old? Ailz was noting that some of my mother's carers do it and others don't. We certainly don't. There's no need for it. My mother's deaf- and you may have to raise your voice to her and enunciate clearly- but you're not achieving anything by patronising her.