October 16th, 2015


Merrily Watkins

I watched the TV series and now I'm reading the books- and rather admiring the way the film people streamlined the books without betraying them. The books are leisurely- with ample space for lore and landscape and character development- while the TV show goes,"Here's a murder, here's a ghost, here's another murder."  I like them both. The books are a long draught of- well- it has to be cider, doesn't it-  Herefordshire cider- and the TV show is a shot of apple schnapps.

The screenplay takes enormous liberties- conflating characters, changing the way they look, eliminating back story, cutting to the chase- but the essential things- an approach to the otherworldly which neither discounts nor misrepresents and a sense of place- remain.

I remember- oh- ten years ago- someone in the pagan world recommending Rickman to me and my thinking, "jolly little paperbacks, and a heroine with a twee name"- not my thing at all." And I was wrong. If I had the talent- which I don't- these are exactly the kind of books I'd write myself.