September 28th, 2015


Part Two Of The First Story Of The Season

Bluff, counterbluff, counter-counterbluff.

"Got you that time."  "O, no you didn't. I knew what you were doing all along and kept my fingers crossed". It took me right back to the playground. As it happens I've been reading Shaw. He's a lot like Moffat; both think the world can be changed by a quibble.

I liked it when the Doctor and Davros shared a laugh. But then Davros went back to being totally evil and was immediately much less interesting. There were moments when Missy too seemed like she was treating the companion Wassaname as a woman and a sister and then she'd spoil the illusion by doing something gratuitously mean. Why do the Who villains have to be such out and out rotters? We accept a degree of moral ambiguity in the Doctor, why can't his opponents be a little nuanced too?

I love the Doctor. That's why I'm so hard on him.

Treasure Trove

We needed something out of one of the boxes we packed in a hurry when we moved down here- and haven't really looked at since.

Treasure trove.

Here are some of the little people my grandmother brought back with her from Mallorca. They must be at least 40 years old- a bit dusty but otherwise in fine fettle.

Also I found a silver ankh. I gave it a polish ( and should have dusted the little people while I was about it.)

I have a fancy to wear it for a while.