September 26th, 2015


Dan-da-dan-dan-da-dan-dan-da-dan. Da. Woo-hooo...

The daleks have been destroyed umpteen times- and they're back.

The Master has been destroyed umpteen times- and he's back too (as Missy)

Davros has been destoyed two or three times- and guess what? Here he is again. He says he's dying but why on earth should we believe him?

And the Doctor is- yet again- facing personal annihilation. Well that's a laugh. No-one ever really dies on this show.

Except Adric- and that was a long, long time ago.

I'm tired of Dr Who. I think the show has entered a period of decadence- all flash and bang and devastating one-liners but no heart . I've given up wondering who Jenna Coleman's character is supposed to be and why I should care. Peter Capaldi's Doctor is charmless.

Or perhaps I'm just too old for this sort of thing.