August 27th, 2015


The Difference A Year Makes

I don't believe my mother's condition has changed much over this past year. Looking back over this blog I see that in August '14 we were already having conversations that went,

"What are we doing today?"


"Oh good."

On the other hand Ailz and I have certainly become creakier. In the first half of this year we were cheerily swanning out in the car twice a week and now we're pacing ourselves. This Sunday past we drove to Leicester- a round trip of 300 miles- and we're still recovering. 

Not The End, No, Not The End...

Fear death?

What? You mean the cessation of this cobbled together personality? Why? What's so special about it? It's an artefact with a limited shelf life. It was designed with the middle to late 20th century in mind and is already showing its age and limitations.

I've had personalities before. And if I want to continue knocking around in this dimension I'll get another.