August 7th, 2015


Orley Farm: Anthony Trollope

A young woman who has been treated as a sex toy and chattel by her elderly husband urges him to leave some property to their infant son and when he refuses forges a codicil to his will. Twenty years later evidence of her guilt emerges and the matter is raked over for 400 closely printed pages and people say things like "She's so beautiful she must be innocent" and "One must forgive her because that's what Jesus would have done" but nobody- not once- not even the woman herself- ever suggests she was justified in what she did and that it's the system that's wicked and needs smashing.

I find it frustrating. And it's just possible that Trollope- sly dog that he is- wants me to feel that way.

George Cole RIP

It's not always- or even usually- the "great" actors who do work that endures. Did Richard Burton (to pick an actor of the same generation who is generally acknowledged to be "great") create any character who is likely to live as long in the memory and affection of the public as George Cole's Arthur Daley?