May 23rd, 2015


Thinking It Through

Why do we want to move?

My sister was suggesting we must feel trapped here- as if we've put our lives on hold- but, no, that's not it. In fact we've led more active lives since we came down here than we had done for years. Here are the actual reasons- with counter-arguments (where applicable.)

1. We'd rather be there (meaning Hastings) than here. It's a simple preference. We like the idea of living by the sea.  But we're not that far from it. Hastings is less than 25 miles away. We can visit as often as we want.

2. This place is a dump. Well, it is. It needs a lot of money spending on it- but we're not that bothered. For instance the ceiling in the front room has severe water damage- but if you don't look up you don't see it. The roof is a bigger issue. Bits keep dropping off. Someday it's going to have to be wholly replaced and If that day comes while we're in residence it would make sense to sell up and let the buyer do it (Or pull the whole place down) but we're not there yet.

3. This house is inconvenient. Yes, certainly. The living room is on a different level from the front room and my mother's bedroom is on a different level from the upstairs landing. This could become an issue but at the moment we're managing.

4. This place is isolated. I'd like to be able to walk to the shops, or- indeed- walk anywhere. You need a car to get off the property. But- there again- we have one.

5. We own all this land which is not being used- or managed. On the other hand it's very nice to have a private field to stroll round.

And... well, that's all I can think of.  There's a case but it's not compelling.