May 10th, 2015


Mottisfont Abbey

Tudor mansion, Georgian makeover- with a medieval priory buried inside. The interiors are 1930s pompous- lots of fake marble- with the exception of a room painted in trompe l'oeil by the witty and wonderful Rex Whistler- the last country house job he undertook before going off to be killed in Normandy.


We had lunch at The Fox in Bramdean (highly recommended) and afterwards Ailz finished up with a coffee while I walked over the fields to view the church. This involved climbing four stiles. Once upon a time I'd have hopped over them but now- though I can't exactly say I struggled- I rather regretted they were there. 

The White Horse Of Uffington

The thing is you just can't see it- not from close up, not from far away. All you can ever see is parts of the whole. Unless, of course, you have wings.

Evidently it was meant for the eyes of the gods.

This is the horse's head, upside down. The round spot is the eye.  The valley curving away from the foot of the Down is known as The Manger.