April 22nd, 2015


Scots Whae Hae

I'm thinking Scottish independence is inevitable now. The SNP looks set to sweep the country and all the established parties are going on about how the Nats mustn't be allowed to have any say in British as opposed to strictly national politics and how Nicola Sturgeon is the most dangerous woman in the world- thereby insulting and denigrating the Scots and making them even bolshier than they were before.  Personally, I'm not longer sure what the Union is meant to be for- and if the Scots want to live in a pocket sized socialist Utopia I don't see why they shouldn't (actually i rather fancy living in one of those myself.)  I think small nations are the future. We're seeing it all over; the empires and federations are under internal pressure- and likely to bust apart. I don't expect the UK to last out my lifetime- or the European Union. As for the United States and China as presently constituted, well, I'm pretty ignorant about conditions on the ground- but I keep getting these reports...

This, That And The Other

1 Marlowe was shouting at something last night. I opened the back door and he came scurrying in. This isn't the first time he's had an argument with a prowler- presumably a fox.

2 We had hoped the hospital would discharge my mother after yesterday's visit, but they didn't- and she's due to go back in two months time. Our appointment was for 3.00 and they only started to process her at 4.00. Then they lost the pictures from the first scan they did. We were there two and a half hours in total. The seats were uncomfortable and the waiting room over-heated.

3. Did Wodehouse  read Trollope? Dr Thorne's juvenile lead is a very Woosterish young man.