April 11th, 2015


Too Good To Refuse

The thin young man at the door was a farmer, come round on the off chance that we might let his sheep graze our fields. He's in the middle of lambing and said it was nice to have an excuse not to be in the yard. I don't suppose I've ever- in all my life- worked as hard as that young man is working now.

He isn't offering any money but undertakes to mend our fences and harrow our ground for free. I called Matthew for his opinion and he was all in favour.  So I called the young man and told him he had a deal.

A Rude Awakening

My mother fell out of bed last night. I heard the crash and the exclamation and the alarm clock beeping and went into her room and found the bedside tables flung about as if there'd been an explosion and my mother lying on the far side of the bed, giggling.

She'd barked her shin. We put a dressing on it and helped her back into bed.

She seems fine this morning.