March 22nd, 2015


Divine Madness

Richard III is going to be lying in state in Leicester cathedral for a week. Then they'll bury him in his nice, new, medieval-themed tomb. Mad isn't it?

My mother's radio was transmitting the service they had for the beginning of his lying in state. Nice music. And some sonorous chap talking about kingly virtues and how God chooses flawed characters to work his will- like Moses and David- and finally what St Paul thought about it all. And I found myself thinking, "I don't give a fuck what St Paul thought about anything- and why on earth should we care about mythical and possibly entirely fictional characters like Moses and David? It would be as relevant- in fact more relevant in the circumstances- to talk about King Arthur.

Do you think the Anglican clergy believe of word of all the tosh they talk? I don't. That's why only cynical and/or silly old people attend their services.

Talking about tosh I found an hour and a half of Spike Milligan's Q on YouTube last night and indulged. The Pythons nicked Milligan's ideas and smoothed off the rough edges- but the rough edges are one of the glories of the original. Q, I am convinced, is the greatest work of art ever conceived for television. The BBC keeps it in a vault and won't let it out- because its absolute- joyous- contempt for all things human scares the shit out of the middle-management types who run the Corporation.


All things are illusory, right? And names and titles mean nothing. So well done the BBC for adopting the highly philosophical usage, "So-called Islamic State"! I just wish they'd extend it to other institutions.

For example:

So-called Tory/Labour party

So-called Royal family

So-called British Broadcasting Corporation.