March 5th, 2015


Book Chat

I used not to re-read novels. Now I do.

In the case of Hilary Mantell's Beyond Black I gobbled it down so hungrily first time round I was afraid I hadn't done it justice. And I'm finding that's true. It's not an easy book- in terms of who, when and where- and on this second reading I'm getting all that straight in my mind. It's a tremendous book- full of grief and pity and a deep dark misanthropy I find wonderfully soothing. Very funny too. One of the great books of our age; I'm sure of it.

Otherwise, I feel as if I've read all the books I want to read- except, of course, for the new Iziguro. I'm sure that's not really true- and there will be authors out there whom I haven't met yet and whose company I'll enjoy- but right now I'm not aware of any. I tried reading  a" new" author the other day- new to me I mean- and- apologies to any fans of Anya Seton who may come across this but Green Darkness is unbelievably bad.