January 29th, 2015


A Winter Break

The first morning we could see fields and a river; the second morning we could see hills, a road junction and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

"It's nice to wake up every morning to a different view," I said.

"You should have slept around more in your 20s," said Ailz


"Lots of bedrooms, lots of views."

This morning we can see a wooden fence.

We're in Warrington. The room has paper that's peeling, and a cold water tap that coughs and squeals . The corridor leading to the room is in the process of being redecorated.

It's friendly hotel. Informal. People talk to one another. Many of the guests- mostly single middle-aged men- are long term residents. One of them lit up a joint in the bar last night.

They have this great little machine in the breakfast room where you put bread onto a conveyor belt that carries it slowly past a blazing filament and drops it off as toast.

It's snowing. "Yeah," said one of the girls as she came on duty, "Snowball fight! Lets go get Abdul."

(Abdul works in the kitchen.)

From the sounds that followed it seems that they went and got him.


A Couple Of Quick Decisions

Ruth rang to cancel lunch. Her corner of Cheshire was choked with snow.

Our corner was filling up too. Thick flakes were falling past the window. We didn't fancy being trapped in last night's hotel so we made a quick decision, cancelled all future engagements, cut our losses and ran.

The M6 was snow and fog all the way to Stafford but then the snow turned to hail and we'd passed beyond the edge of the storm. We drove into the centre of Wolverhampton, ate pasta and considered the options. We had thought we'd simply drive home, but the weather was now quite different, Birmingham was glittering in the sun and so we made another quick decision, turned right instead of left and headed for the Welsh border.

Tonight the view from the bedroom window looks like this...

101_7013 (2)