January 21st, 2015



A spaceship carrying the biggest nuclear weapon ever made is heading for the heart of the sun; what could possibly go wrong?

The answer, of course, is everything- including the script- which halfway through gives up trying to be 2001 and turns into Nightmare on Elm Street.  It's a dull, good-looking film- full of excitement, short on interest.

Some of the characters are noble, some ignoble and that's about all that there is to say about them. Rose Byrne is pretty and so is Cillian Murphy who bears a remarkable- even distracting- resemblance to Professor Brian Cox. 

Another Notch

So I've reached what I think of as The Sergeant Pepper Birthday. "Will you still need me, will you still feed me..." and all that. My sister asked me if I was looking forward to it and I said, "Well, it's happening- but it's not as if I were having my friends round to eat jelly and ice cream and play pass the parcel".

It's just another notch on the tally stick.

The Telegraph has a  front page picture of Twiggy who's a year older than me and has just signed a big contract with L'Oreal. Good old Twigs. Where's there's life there's hope.