January 7th, 2015


Bird Talk

I moved the bird feeder back in front of the window. My mother was missing it.

She and I have conversations that go a bit like this.

"What's that down there?"

"A pigeon"

"What's it doing?"

"Looking for food."

"Why's it on its own?"


We had a pair of long tail tits pecking at the fat balls just now. These are the first I've seen in months.

PS. About an hour after I posted the above we had an influx of long-tailed tits. It was hard to count with all the coming and going but I'd say there were at least eight of them.

Charlie Hebdo

No, je ne suis pas Charlie. I'm not brave enough.

But I'm profoundly glad there are people who are.

Charb is reported to have said he'd rather die standing than kneel. He was held to his words.

Free speech has its martyrs too.

And Again

The attack in Paris has disturbed me more than the bombings of London ever did. London is used to being bombed; it can take it- as the old wartime slogan said.  I keep thinking how Paris is the city of light- the home of the philosophes and the revolution and in some ways the cultural heart of Europe- and how an attack on it is a blasphemy against all that is best in our civilisation. The odd thing is I don't even like Paris that much- the stones and tarmac of it, I mean- but then I'm not thinking about stones and tarmac...