December 30th, 2014


They May Be Professors But...

Over Christmas they've been running a special season of University Challenge in which the mentors of the nation- writers, professors, broadcasters-  get to show that outside their particular spheres of expertise they're as ignorant as the rest of us. It's oddly reassuring to find, for exampe, that Professor Susan Blackmore- the celebrity parapsychologist- doesn't know her McGonagall from her Burns and that not a single egghead in a box of eight can place Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan. 

Rats And Cats

Here I am trying to simplify my life and along come things to complicate it.

Rats for instance.

Ailz bought the rodent repeller and we've had it squweaking for 24 hours. I think it's having an effect.

And then Matthew turned up and he and Julia had their terriers rummaging through the undergrowth. Something fled like an arrow.

So I squared up to Ailz and said, "Look, you know you want a cat and if you push for it now I'm not going to put up any resistance. If I were you I'd move while I had the chance."

So tomorrow lunchtime someone from Celia Hammond's Animal Trust (CHAT) is going to come and check us out with a view to rehoming a couple of her ferals. Perhaps it'll be Celia herself (swoon).

Random picture of Celia with a hep-cat