December 27th, 2014


High Winds

Dot rang at eight o'clock last night to tell us it was snowing in Oldham. I thought we might be in for some snow too but all we got was a howling wind storm that spoiled our night's sleep. At one point I thought I heard a tile come loose and slither down the roof but I've looked for the evidence this morning and can't find any. Later today I need to walk round the fields and check that the trees are still where I left them. 

Normal Service Is Resumed

I walked my rounds. It's bitter chill out there. None of our trees has sustained serious damage. I threw the remains of the turkey carcass under the chestnut tree for Foxy-loxy.

Sam rang to report on the house sale and ask permission to start in on the cleaning and decorating. We said, "Please do."

I've been e-mailing my old friend S B. I have some colour slides he'd like to use in a book and we've arranged a handover in Canterbury next week. I'm hoping he'll pay for lunch.