December 25th, 2014


The Day After Christmas Eve

"Well, I'm here," said my mother, surveying the breakfast table bleakly.

I had vivid dreams last night. Must have been all the carbs. In one of them I was in an alternative reality which had been shaped by a big war in Scandanavia. I was pointing out to people that we hadn't had that war in the reality I came from. They said the place we were in was America but I could see it was England and told them so. "Look, those are 18th century English gravestones," I said.

(If there's one thing I'm an expert on it's gravestones.)

I just read Paris Lees account of her first Christmas after coming out to the world as transgender. Ah families!

My mother and I were watching Victoria Wood's Christmas show from 2000 last night. "What are they supposed to be doing?"  she asked in the tone of voice that implies she'd rather be watching people cook or sell antiques to one another. "It's Victoria Wood, I said firmly. "Oh" she replied, feebly- and subsided. I was blowed if I was going to change channels. I like Victoria Wood

Well, I'm here too. Better get on with it....

Merry Christmas everyone.

Quiet Day, So I'm Wittering About James Bond

Bond works for the government. As an assassin. He's an establishment man- sexist, materialist, brutal.  No, I've never liked him.

I keep thinking I should maybe read one of the original books and then I think, no, I don't believe I can be bothered.

The films aren't nearly as good as we're supposed to think they are. Early Bond is to the thriller what the Carry On films are to comedy. Middle period Bond is vaudeville.  In the recent films he becomes a superhero.

I find his continued popularity faintly depressing.

Rush Limbaugh says it's inconceivable the character should be played by a black man. Oh, for fuck's sake, Bond is fiction. And he keeps being rebooted and updated. If it were incumbent on the film-makers to stay entirely true to Fleming's original conception Bond, who first appeared in 1953, would have to be played by a man in his nineties.

Besides, Idris Elba is just about the sexiest, most charismatic male actor around. He'd be perfect for the role.

If you like that kind of thing...