December 24th, 2014


Getting Into The Mood

We're doing Christmas dinner today- 24 hours early- for logistical reasons- by which I mean we decided we didn't want to try and get my mother up and down the steps to my sister's house. My sister and her husband will go ahead and have their main Christmas tomorrow with children and grandchildren- but they're coming over here today to join in our quieter celebration as well.

Ailz is in charge of cooking the turkey. She wanted to do it and I didn't so we're both happy. She's just come down and plonked herself beside me and said, "I've realised this is the first Christmas since I was 18 that I haven't been in debt."

Sad news this morning about Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton. None of my business of course, but I liked the idea of them continuing in conjoined whackiness till death did them part.  I thought they were examples to us all. Ah, well...

Ailz is opening a box of crackers. The label on the box says they're unsuitable for people under 14. What on earth do you think is in them- knives?