December 17th, 2014



1. Matthew confirms that there are new people living in one of the vacated bungalows. He says they've got a board up to say they've applied for planning permission.

"To do what?" I ask.

"Seeing as how that's a really dangerous blind bend I didn't stop to find out."

Fair enough.

2. Lee dropped by last night with a tin of Sainsbury's shortbread for my mother. She and her family will be spending the holidays messing about in boats- in the Bahamas. Ho, ho, ho.

3. Oh, and the Martian lander has recorded spikes of methane in the planet's atmosphere which suggests there could be some sort of life out there. I wouldn't be at all surprised. They're probably bacteria. Living underground. If I knew where Mars was in the sky right now I'd give them a wave. "Howdy, neighbours."